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Cereal will be a E2EE decentralised instant messaging and forum software hybrid with a focus on a pre-2010 internet feel. Complete with instant messaging chat rooms, forum rooms and user profiles, you can customize your social experience any way you want.

Planned and Prospective Features

  • User-hosted instances with their own userbases, features, and content.
    • Anyone can set up a Cereal instance and host their own community of servers and users. They can connect to other Cereal instances and post within them as if they were their own. Any custom emojis or forum signatures are usable in other instances without any extra work.
    • If any instance is not playing well with yours, you can block any amount of individual features from them, such as custom emojis, signatures, avatars, user profiles, or even outright blacklisting entirely.
  • IRC-like instant messaging in chatrooms and privately.
    • Customizable themes to resemble IRC clients of yore, as well as more easy-on-the-eyes comfy layouts.
  • Server rooms that function similar to internet forum message boards for more thought out and deliberate posting.
    • Forum signatures that can be customized per-server as well as globally. Want your Tiny Horse banner on one server, but Cool Gunman on the rest? It can be done.
    • More customizability in forum posts than instant message rooms. With BBCode (or maybe some alternative), you can create the most over-the-top hard-to-read posts you used to love hurting eyes with.
  • Custom emojis that can be per-server or per-instance.
  • Custom user-profiles that every user can customize and make their own. Want to make an extensive autobiography for yourself? Do it. Want to show how much you love birds? Go ahead. Want to make it the most rancid thing you possibly can? Nobody will like you for it, but you can we guess. Will likely be HTML/CSS only.
  • Custom client themes that can be set as a default for a server, instance, or just as a personal preference. Can override and/or disable if pink and yellow neons aren't your thing.
  • End-to-end encryption, so that you can message in privacy, save anyone looking over your shoulder.