Minecraft server that acts as a stone wall
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Minecraft server and velocity plugin that act as an efficient queue system. The server (Stonewall) acts as very simple Minecraft server, only sending the bare minimum to keep the client connected. The queue plugin (VelocityQueue) is a Velocity plugin that implements a 2b2t-style queue system.


VelocityQueue requires Luckperms as a dependency.


Run the stonewall.py script in a terminal. Run ./stonewall.py -h for argument info.


Cd into the velocityqueue folder and run mvn install, the built plugin will be in target. You can then put the jar into the plugin folder of your Velocity install and run Velocity. A config file will be generated on first run which you can modify to suit your needs.


For VelocityQueue, it is possible to set the velocityqueue.queue.priority permission for a priority queue (Queue above regular). There is also a staff queue with the velocityqueue.queue.staff permission which bypasses the queue entirely.